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Andromeda may or may not be where i originated from. i may or may not be here at all. i may be you, you may be me. we may never find out truly who is who or what is what. we may find out after we leave this earth but what purpose is this to us now? none. there is no purpose in believing we may find out who we are after we are no longer who we are today, as we are today. it is not important to speculate what will happen then. what will happen tomorrow. what will happen next year. what is important is now.

you. are. now. choose your choices, choose your beliefs according to you now. nothing else matters. in the chaos of it all, there is order as in the earth dimension, there is no order without chaos. no balance without imbalance. we are here to experience it all. experiment your true nature as there are no mistakes. there is you. perfectly experiencing life on this planet. the planet is also experiencing you. fear not for her as she has been around for much longer than you have and she knows her path.

do you know yours?

we are you. you are us. rejoice. you are infinite.

we gave you life. we give you strenght.

be well. be true.


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