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That is the question. How to reconcile the sadness of leaving people I love with the excitement of a new adventure involving people I love.


Moving across the country to start a new life is exciting. I have no worry about the future. I am too busy dealing with the sadness of leaving people I love behind. The future will be there when I get to it. But what is this behind. Really. It’s a Skype conversation, a call, a text. The friendships don’t necessarily end because you move to a different city. I should know. I left home enough times and I still have friends excited to see me return today.

Granted, people change, evolve and grow. This happens whether you’re around or not. Friendships and relationships evolve too. Sometimes whether you’re around or not.

So how to feel good about saying goodbye. Knowing that everyone and everything is in constant movement. In constant evolution. That when you do connect again, things might be different.

You might not get to see everyone you would like to see before you leave. You might not get the closure from that one person. You might find that it’s harder to leave some people more than it is to leave others. You might wish there was time for one more coffee, one more lunch, one more drink.

Even after giving everyone (including myself) the heads up a year before my estimated departure time, it’s still not as easy as I thought it would be. Maybe that just can’t be avoided.

I am grateful for the people who made this past year the best I’ve had in Calgary. I truly am.

How to feel good about saying goodbye?

Honour your own growth and evolution. There’s a reason, most likely multiple reasons, why you decided to leave. This doesn’t mean you’ve stopped loving anyone. It just means your path is taking you on a different adventure to a different physical location.

I believe it’s important to acknowledge both the sadness that leaving brings and the excitement that the future offers. Life happens no matter what. We can’t freeze time. But we can chose how we behave today.

So how to feel good about saying goodbye?

Hmmmm… Aufwiedersehen ?


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