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You can start over any day. Make any decision any day. Make a change any day. Any time of day. Any day marks another tour of the earth around the sun. Any day can be the day. Every day is your day.

New Year’s Day has always been special to me. A blank slate. I make decisions any time. All the time. But January 1st is a little special. It’s the Über day. The day I chose to pause a little longer than usual and to reflect on how far I have come. On where I am headed. Am I still aligned with my inner truth? Did I betray my integrity? Did I respect my truth? Did I respect other people’s truth? What is the next step that can help me move forward. closer to me. closer to all of us?

We are all headed towards death. But the state we find ourselves when we face death differs. This is where I am ultimately headed. What state do I want to be in when I die? What kind of person do I want to be when I die? I don’t fear death. I fear to disappoint myself. I fear to not love myself enough to allow myself a full experience on this planet. If I can not love myself, I can not love you. If I can’t love you, all of you, what am I doing here?

I don’t know if I will be able to manifest and become the person I am in my heart. My mind likes to get in the way.

This is the human experience.

New Year’s Day. A blank slate. Another opportunity to chose what to throw away, to recycle and to grow.

To be continued…


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